Thieves take 75 goats from one pen

April 06, 2017

Roland Foster of Gimme-Me-Bit in Clarendon is a frustrated man.

A month ago, thieves stole about 50 heads of goats from his farm, and on Tuesday, they returned, taking 25 more.

Luckily, police found 23 of them alive. The other two, which are valued at $30,000, were slaughtered.

"A just goat mi deal wid, enuh, cause mi nah work an nutten nah gwaan," said Foster, who worked at the New Yarmouth Sugar Factory, but was laid off almost one year ago. However, he said he plans to continue raising goats.

Meanwhile, the Clarendon police are warning persons who continue to prey on farmers' livelihoods to desist or they will be caught and vigorously prosecuted.




Deputy superintendent attached to the Clarendon Police Division, Lilith Campbell, said the police are extremely militant and intend to put a dent in the number of praedial thieves roaming the streets.

"We are appealing to farmers to get registered with RADA and to cooperate with the police and also to report all forms of praedial larceny," she said.

Campbell also appealed to persons who host parties and large gatherings as well as higglers to ensure their meat suppliers are legitimate.

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