Holness presents award to oldest woman alive

April 28, 2017
In this photo that was posted on his social media pages, Prime Minister Andrew Holness makes a presentation to the oldest woman in the world, Violet Mosse-Brown.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness yesterday journeyed to Duanvale, Trelawny, to present the world's oldest person, Violet Mosse-Brown, with a Medal of Appreciation.

In an instagram post which shows him presenting the grand award to the 117-year-old centenarian, Holness wrote, "Today was exceptional. 'Miss Vy' you are an awe inspiring woman. Your strength and the grace of God have sustained you over a century, a decade, and seven years. You are a blessed woman, may God continue to strengthen you for many more years."

Mosse-Brown became the oldest person alive on April 15, following the death of Italian Emm Morano, who was 117 at the time.

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