Bad treatment in custody caused my stroke - man to sue State for millions

May 01, 2017
Carl Pasley is adamant he wants justice, after suffering a stroke while in custody.
Carl Pasley shows some of his medication for his various conditions.


A music producer said he is looking to sue the State for some J$20 million, claiming that he suffered unjust treatment in custody, which lead to him suffering temporary blindness and a stroke.

Carl 'Chappy' Pasley, 49, told THE STAR that he was taken into custody at the Morant Bay Police Station on March 10, and charged with fraudulent conversion, a matter he said he is still fighting in court.

While in custody, he said the officers refused to allow him to carry in his special test glasses, designed to protect his eyes from light, despite his pleas.

He said this caused him to suffer sharp pains in his eyes and blurry vision, then temporary blindness, which he said started on March 20.

On that day, Pasley said he was mistakenly taken out of his cell and was told he had a court date.

"That's the time the sunlight catch my eyes, and my eyes just went blank. I held my eyes and said 'I can't see'. Some of them [police officers] start laugh and say, 'Oh, him get blind now!' From that time, I couldn't see," Pasley said.

He said he did not receive his test glasses until early April, when an officer who recognised him made enquires as to why he was covering his face with a towel.

He said that is when his girlfriend was finally allowed to give him his glasses.

On April 13, Pasley said he fell ill in his cell, and was ignored for two hours, before the officers came and hauled him along the floor to the vehicle.


Frothing at my mouth


"I couldn't talk or move and I fell to the ground. Some of the guys who were in custody started calling the officers. One officer said: 'Put him outside make him stay deh and dead'. I was there fi couple of hours frothing at my mouth," Pasley said.

He said he was admitted to the Princess Margaret Hospital for five days, and showed THE STAR medical documents from the hospital which indicated that he suffered a stroke.

Now out on bail, Pasley said he suffers from bouts of paralysis and severe weakness, which he said the doctors have indicated might be a lifelong condition.

According to Pasley, he does not have a history of such illnesses. He believes it is his treatment in custody that caused this as doctors told him a stroke can be brought on by stress.

"Sometimes I don't want to cry, but I have to because I know I wasn't like this before."

He said he plans to report the matter to the Independent Commission of Investigations, and is trying to hire a lawyer to work on the case.

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