Smiling from ear to ear - boy with disfigured organ gets surgery

May 10, 2017
Wayne Griffiths is all smiles after his recent surgery to remove the growth from his right ear.
Wayne's ear shows the stitches from his surgery.

Young Wayne 'Cori' Griffiths is now overjoyed following the successful removal of a massive keloid from his ear that had been causing him great distress for the past five years.

"He's elated, glad, happy, everything inna one, him full a talk right now," his mother, Sophia Dixon said, with spunk in her voice as she spoke with THE STAR yesterday.

The 13-year-old, who is a sixth-grader at the Robin's Bay Primary School in St Mary, underwent surgery at the Kingston Public Hospital two weeks ago, where the keloid was cut from his ear.

That was followed up with three laser treatments, the last of which was done last Thursday.

Doctors have said this should permanently cure the condition, but they are monitoring it closely to ensure it does not recur.

THE STAR highlighted Griffiths' story last month, where Dixon explained that her son started developing the growth after getting a small cut on his ear at age eight.

She said it kept growing rapidly despite multiple treatment attempts, and it had become an embarrassment for her son.

She added that the situation had caused her son to become somewhat of a recluse and he was fearful of facing high school with his disfigurement in September.

This pushed the single mother to work doubly hard selling in the Coronation Market, but her savings was still not enough to cover the laser treatment, which cost some $400,000.

Following the feature, some Good Samaritans were moved and made donations towards Griffiths' treatment. Though they wish not to be named, Dixon said she is extremely grateful for their help.

"A lot of good donors out there give me some support, and help me pay some of the money. Me feel good, me feel happy, me nah tell no lie. A less stress now, because me really did a worry about it. Thanks a lot and I appreciate it 100 per cent," Dixon said.

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