Farmer braves rains to feed his animals

May 17, 2017
Norman Gardener of Retreat, St Thomas cutting grass during the recent rainy weather to feed his goats.

Inclement weather which has been affecting sections of the island could not stop one St Thomas farmer from securing food for his 12 goats.

Norman Gardner, of Retreat Road in the parish, was spotted in the rain chopping a wheelbarrow full of grass for his animals.

"Whether rain or shine me haffi fight it like a soldier, enuh. Me cut two wheelbarrow full a grass from morning," he told THE STAR.

"Goat no like water. Dem like keep dry so dem nah go out to eat grass. Me tie dem inna the pen and come look the grass fi dem," he explained.

The 62-year-old farmer noted that in addition to rearing goats, he also plants several crops, including plantains and bananas.

He said he also burns coal, and pointed out that he is also a 'bush doctor'.

"Me know all a the bush dem fi cure different sicknesses. All inna wha time ya when the Chik-V come, it neva affect me all when everybody a run go a doctor. The only thing that bother me is me nerves them," he said.

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