Gas thief takes off with full tank

May 19, 2017

A frustrated gas pump attendant says she is imploring the individual who stole $8,700 worth of gas from Michael's Service Station in Kingston to repay the amount as she cannot afford to have it deducted form her salary.

The attendant said the incident occurred on May 6 at about 11:57 a.m., at the service station on Victoria Avenue, South Camp Road. It was carried out by a man who drives a black Nissan Skyline.

"He came to the gas station and told me to fill him up with 87. He showed me his debit card and said that's what he's going to use to pay. The machine was inside so I told him he has to park and go inside. Him take the vehicle like him ago park, and then just press gas and go down Victoria Avenue," the attendant said.

The attendant said this was not the first time that she has been conned in that fashion, so she quickly captured the man's licence plate number and contacted the police.

However, the police have not been able to track down the individual as he no longer lives at the address attached to the plate.

Fearful of the impending withdrawal from her pay, the pump attendant says she hopes this medium reaches the man and that he is moved to pay.

Phillip Chong, President of the Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association, said such instances occur on a medium scale within the industry.

"It is a risk that we all take based on the current method of operation where we serve then collect the pay. How to solve it is to ask the customers to pre-pay, but the attendant are the custodians of the sales, so it is the attendants who are ultimately responsible," he said.

Chong further advised that all such thefts should be reported to the police as they are often able to nab the culprits.

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