Millions paid out to flood victims

May 25, 2017
Several houses in Palmetto Pen, Clarendon, were almost covered by rising waters during the heavy April rains.

Over $9 million worth of cheques were handed out to residents who were affected by the April rains.

At a small ceremony at the St James Methodist Church in May Pen yesterday, minister of Labour and Social Security Shahine Robinson disclosed that 444 families were affected in Clarendon, St Thomas, St Elizabeth and Portland.

However, of the majority of persons affected, 418 were in Clarendon. Though she was unable to say specifically how much persons would be getting, the remuneration grants would be distributed based on the severity of the damages which include partial and total damage, but the amounts generally range from $20,000 to $50,000.

One woman whose home in Bucks Avenue was totally destroyed will receive $100,000.

"The assessment is ongoing for those persons who were affected last week and to date, 235 assessments have been done, but the work continues, and we expect to go until May 26 to complete those assessments," Robinson said.

The cheques will be to be distributed to persons in central and southeast Clarendon. That includes communities such as 19 Mile, Palmetto Pen, Palmer's Cross, Mineral Heights, New Bowens and Four Paths.

Investigations are ongoing in all parishes that have been affected.

Some persons have received mattresses, two-burner stoves, and care packages. Robinson said the ministry would continue to work with Food For The Poor, the parish municipalities, and all other partners to see how best to alleviate some of the suffering.

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