No evil spirits! - Muschett High sees fourth tragic death in two months

May 30, 2017
Leighton Johnson, principal of Muschett High School.

Western Bureau:
While superstition is often viewed as a façade to mask reality, Leighton Johnson, principal at Muschett High School in Trelawny, is now being kept busy trying to convince staff and students that recent tragic happenings involving members of the school community are nothing more than just what meets the eyes.

According to Johnson, who joined the staff at Muschett High as principal in 2010, four members of the school family have died under tragic circumstances since April.

Shaken by the string of deaths and the fear by some students and teachers that a bad omen has befallen the school, the principal has been using devotion and club time to speak to children, especially those who say they are sure that “some evil has engulfed the school”.


“We are doing what we can to keep the students calm,” said Johnson. “However, when they kill a stalwart male parent like Paul (as Dwayne Marrero was popularly known), it is devastating. Parenting is one of the problems plaguing the school, but he was different. He was a stalwart of the PTA.”

Marrero, a tower of strength in the parent-teacher association (PTA), became the fourth victim when he was murdered last week.

“I have been here since 2010, and I have not had anything near this kind of experience before,” said Johnson.

He told WESTERN STAR that three persons had died from gunshot wounds and another by suicide.

“Dwayne, who was gunned down on Tuesday, was one of my strongest members in the PTA. He could be depended on to contribute in any way he could to whatever we were doing. We have lost a very dependable man,” Johnson added.
The string of tragedies, which has been plaguing Muschett High, started on April 7, when 16-year-old Shanique Rose was killed after she was shot by a gun-toting passenger on a minibus.

Days after Rose was killed, another member of the school’s family committed suicide for unknown reasons.
On May 6, another Muschett student, 16-year-old Octavia Leslie of Deeside in Trelawny was murdered by gunmen in Linstead, St Catherine.

According to reports, Leslie and her uncle had accompanied an elderly woman to her home after they had attended a wake in the community. On their way back, they were both shot and killed by gunmen.

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