Retired Persons group want protection for elderly

June 01, 2017
Jean Lowrie-Chin

Deeply concerned about the recent attacks against senior citizens, Jean Lowrie-Chin, founder of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons, is calling for more to be done to protect the elderly.

"Family and community members should take more responsibility for their elderly, and the Church should play a great role in assisting with the member's safety and security," she said.

This call follows the gruesome deaths of 88-year-old Nettie Rowe, who is alleged to have been sexually assaulted and robbed; 76-year-old Hyacinthia Wright, who was found with her throat slashed; as well as other senior citizens who have been attacked.

It had prompted her to invite head of the police's communications unit, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsey, to speak at the organisation's annual general meeting on Monday, giving pointers on safety for the elderly.

Among the tips were that the elderly should be equipped with personal and home alarms in cases of emergency.

"We have three discount partners who supply alarm systems, personal as well as home. We are urging the relatives, if your elderly relatively is living on their own, please organise for them to get an alarm."


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