Traffic arrangement in Lucea stifling rum bar

June 06, 2017
Traffic is at a standstill on Hanover Street, also called 'Main Street', in Lucea, Hanover, recently.

The recent enforcement initiative launched by the Hanover Municipal Corporation to clamp down on illegal parking in Lucea, has not gone down well with at least one business operator in the town.

Carlton Allen, who operates Carlton and Sons Graphics company, located at the Browne Building on Hanover Street next to the 'Lucea Veranda', says he is losing customers who are now barred from parking along certain sections of the complex and are being told to use paid parking facilities.

"I am having a big problem with the enforcement team. They are saying I cannot park there because it is causing a bottleneck and we have to park 20 yards from the kerb ... when it is supposed to be 20 feet away, according to the books," said Allen. "In fact, it is 24 feet away the vehicles park."

"As a customer try park, you see di municipal police a run come a say 'you can park deh so," continued Allen. "We a run a rum bar and the cheapest rum a $120. So if customer come buy one rum, it a go cost him $220 (parking fee included), it better him go dung di road go buy it fi $150," Allen said.


Surpassed its capacity


"A nuh the parking causing de congestion, it is the big open National Works Agency (NWA) drain. A di drain a di problem. Bout ten time now people come deh say a dem a go repair drain, an all now it can't repair," added Allen.

However, according to Lucea's mayor, councillor Sheridan Samuels, Hanover Street has surpassed its carrying capacity, which sometimes causes wayward customers to park too close to the kerbside near the veranda, causing congestion. He said actions by municipal police are not to stifle commerce in the town.

"Hanover Street is the only street that takes the traffic out of town right now, so it is difficult to accommodate parking on it," said Samuels, who said the way to remedy the situation is to acquire the old Kreamy King parking lot at Millers Drive, whether by lease or other conditions.

"We wrote to the ministry (local government) already and are awaiting a response from them," he said. "If you look in Manhattan (US), there is no parking. You have designated parking areas. That is how most towns are arranged now. We just have to ensure that we have areas that the clients can park and where the business people can park. We just have to handle it like modern cities."

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