Wasp nest being used to tighten vigana - Jamaican gynaecologist calls it madness

June 09, 2017
Dr Michael Abrahams

A number of Jamaican women have rejected a new trend to place wasp nests on the pubic region to tighten the vagina, saying that they prefer traditional methods like inserting cake soap in the birth canal or sitting in vinegar water.

Some United Kingdom online retailers have been selling oak galls-nests, which contains wasps eggs. They claim that it is good for vaginal rejuvenation.

"Da one yah kinda shock we. Mi prefer to take the cake soap and push it in my vagina," a woman in downtown Kingston, who asked for anonymity, told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Mi caan see between that one deh."


Vinegar mixed


She continued: "Mi would rather use the vinegar and warm water. And my friend did tell me about the alum, and it did actually work because she did a run road. Mi would try that too."

The woman also said that she has tried the vinegar mixed with warm water method before and it worked for her.

Another woman was taken aback by the idea of using the wasp nest tightening method based on the pain one feels from a wasp sting.

"When one wasp sting, it so hot. And that area is so tender, so you can just imagine when so many down there," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But gynaecologist Michael Abrahams dismissed the method, calling it "madness". He also warned women against trying it.

"It's crazy. But what I understand is that it makes the vagina dry," Abraham explained. "When it dries out, it can cause irritation. When you have irritation and it gets dry, you are more likely to have abrasion during sex."

He added: "Abrasion in sex makes it easier to get certain infections. So your partner may have a STI that you may or may not get, but with this it is much easier to transmit HIV and other infections."

According to Abrahams, there are a number of exercises that women can utilise to tighten the vagina.

"There is a set of exercises called Kegel. If a woman is disciplined and does these regularly, it usually will help to make it (vagina) tighter," Abrahams said.

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