Move this garbage please - elderly man pleads to NSWMA

June 15, 2017
A member of the work crew puts domestic waste in a garbage truck.


An elderly man of Windward Road, Kingston, is begging the solid waste authorities to address the pileup of junk in front his home.

He said it has been there for over three weeks and is causing problems in the community.

Basil Hardy, who hails from an area known as Miller Terrace, told THE STAR that a day before Labour Day, a town crier advised persons to clean up all the junk from their homes and it would be picked up by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

The 72-year-old Hardy said he, along with some other community members, followed the instructions and put all their old refrigerators, fans, and other items outside.


Now fearful


But the junk has not been removed. He said garbage trucks have passed through the community and removed regular garbage, but when asked about the junk, he said he was told they did not get those instructions.

Hardy is now fearful the junk will cause additional problems in the community, and is asking for intervention before things get out of hand.

"The guys in the community play football near where the garbage is, and they are threatening to throw it in Windward Road to block it, and I don't want that because it's going to cause a lot of problems," he implored.

He said he visited the NSWMA last Friday and presented a picture of the unsightly pileup and was told that the matter would be addressed that day or the following day.

However there has been no change. Executive director at the NSWMA, Audley Gordon told THE STAR the entity not give an order for persons to put their junk at their gates, but noted that he will check on the matter.

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