Winston Barr gets hands on with fathering

June 16, 2017
Winston Barr (second) is surrounded by his family members. From left: daughters, Sushane and Melisa, grandson, JR, and wife, Tollentio.
File ..Winston Barr on the job.
Winston Barr

"Him nuh have no hand, but he made sure to provide for my sister and I in every aspect. Him a the best father me could ever ask for. He is really determined," a proud Melisa Barr told THE WEEKEND STAR  as she spoke of her father, Winston Barr.

To show her appreciation on Father's Day this Sunday, Melissa said that she would be cooking her father a sumptuous dinner.

Barr, 54, lost his arms in a terrible accident when he was 19 years old, but he did not allow that to hinder him from providing for his two daughters, Melisa, 33, Sushane, 35, and his wife, Tollentio.

"I'm responsible for bringing them in the world, and I know I need to step up to the plate no matter what," Barr said.

He lost his arms while working as a 'steel man' on a construction site when a piece of steel he was holding on to came in contact with an electrical wire, causing severe burns to his arms.

Despite the terrible accident, Barr was determined to continue providing for his family. He started his own company, the Ju-cee Barrs bag juice factory, in Maroon Town, St James, which is still being run by the family today.


Cherishes every moment


Barr said that he learnt how to be a good father from watching his own dad raise 10 children.

"My father never left me. He had 10 of us, and he stayed with us right through, and he provided for us. He lived his life for us. And I said to myself, 'If he did it, I'm supposed to do the same'," he said.

Although it has not always been smooth sailing for the family, Barr said he cherishes every moment with his girls.

"Even when times were tough and challenging, I still enjoyed being their father. I enjoy when we have family outings even to Dunn's River, and when we take trips overseas. Susanne lives in America now," Barr said, while noting that Melisa lives in Jamaica and is his business partner.

Barr advised that every parent should try their best to do right by their children as it will pay off later on.

"I do all that I can for my children because when it reached the part where my father couldn't do anything more for us, we took over. That's why we are here and why we have children. Do the best that we can for them right now, and you won't regret it," he said.

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