Spell-off scores big in Mt Salem

June 20, 2017
The top three spellers from the recent Mt. Salem Spell Off. Front Row (left to right): Shanqua Samuels of Lawson Yard, Ashanti Brown of Boswell Lane and Rukaela Stewart of Crawford Street. Looking on are: Floyd Foster, who heads the Mandingo Youth Club, and Olivia Shaw from Women of Destiny.

Scores of residents from various sections of Mt Salem in Montego Bay, St James, turned out in support of the inaugural spell-off last Sunday.

The competition was staged by the Mandingo Youth Club in collaboration with the Women of Destiny Organisation.

The residents were locked in friendly rivalry as they cheered on the nine children, ages seven to 11, who took part in the community spelling bee competition.

Rukaela Stewart of Crawford Street emerged as the champion and won for herself a $10,000 book voucher, a tablet computer and the championship trophy.

The first runner-up spot went to Shanqua Samuels of Lawson Yard, who was awarded a $7,000 gift voucher and trophy, while Ashanti Brown, of Boswell Lane, came third and was given a $5,000 gift voucher and trophy.

"With all the bad news and negativity coming out of Crawford Street, they came out triumphant and it was a great feeling for everyone," said Floyd Foster, who heads the Mandingo Youth Club.

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