Terrorists dogs have farmers on edge

June 20, 2017
Wrecker tends to one of his goats who was badly bitten by dogs behind his house in Clifton, Hanover.
Maas Baz shows the Western Star one of the few goats he has left.

Dogs have been ripping through the livelihood of goat farmers in Clifton, Askenish and Mount Peace in Hanover, costing then tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

One farmer, Ray Kerr of Clifton, said the onslaught by dogs began in March, costing him about $500,000 in loss of potential earnings.

"First, mi did have them way down inna di bush, across a river and di dog attack them down there. So I brought them nearer home and a di same ting. At nights we can't sleep. Wi haffi just deh on di watch," Kerr, who is also known as Wrecker, said.

"I lost 13 goats, some of them in-kid. Dem no kill none a di big rams, only the small kids. The dogs also killed a Boer. I paid $25,000 for her so she would value about $35,000 by now because she did teck buck and ready fi have kids," Wrecker said.

Wrecker said the authorities ought to take steps to enforce the Keeping of Animals Act or to have a registry of dogs and their owners to ensure that "dogs nuh lef de property go trouble people".

"Di dog dem is a nuisance, and di persons who own di dog dem nuh show nuh empathy. Dem don't care about di farmers because dem still leggo dem dog. Dem come back and eat five a one lady goat. She call mi actually deh bawl," Wrecker said.

"You have some who live down to Askenish cross road, one bite up one old lady ... and bite up one a my cousin; she bawl like a baby when she come back from hospital. Bike riders complain, so is not only the goat side of it. A night time you can't even walk past certain area. Mi talk to the MP and him say fi sue di owner dem. But how wi fi sue when wi can't ketch di dog dem," he questioned.

Another farmer, Basil Ansine, has also felt the wrath of the dogs.

"Mi did have three and of the three, dem kill the best one. They eat out the meat out of her. They eat out about a pound out of her and I took a piece of canvas and put her on it and she live just fi one day. She bawl whole night. Me couldn't sleep neither," the senior citizen said.

"I took the other one and tie her right near my window near my bed head. Me hear di dog come about 3:30 a.m. ready fi spring and mi haffi shout. mi couldn't even bodda come out and him move off. Mi did out fi come out a di business all-together because mi nuh young bwoy again," he said.

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