Family of slain JP launch foundation in his name

July 05, 2017
Collin Corrodus

The family of late justice of the peace and businessman Collin Corrodus has set up a foundation to honour his work and memory that they hope will dissuade young people from a life of crime.

"He was murdered and this kind of untimely death cut short some of the things that he wanted to do for communities in St Ann, so the family decided that we would continue his legacy by giving back to these communities," his daughter, Gillian Corrodus, told THE STAR.

With crime reaching to communities that were once considered peaceful, Corrodus believes that an initiative like this is needed to make a difference.

"We see crime as very prevalent because you have seen some very quiet communities, communities that have always been on the map but not known, becoming known not for positivity, but for the gruesome killings of innocent persons," she said. "The foundation is necessary because what we hope to do is to engage young persons, to have a generation that restores the value of nation building and the values of love and respect for human kind."




With traditional values being eroded by criminality, which Corrodus believes is coming from urban areas, the Corrodus family, through the foundation, hopes to impact the communities in St Ann in a positive way and help to reduce violence.

"There is an element of fear and it is heightened fear. I recalled as a child growing up in St Ann, each person you passed you had to say 'Hello' because everybody was familiar with each other, but now that has changed," she said.

The foundation will target educational and religious institutions as well as communities in St Ann as beneficiaries. The hope is that through lobbying for change for the vulnerable in society, it may assist with physical structures that will benefit all persons, but especially the youth.

"We will primarily be looking at established organisations. We will assist schools that have the behavioural-change programme, those that have programmes that encourage sportsmanship and, no doubt, academics. Those are some of the organisations that will be identified for funding," she said.

Through the foundation as well as other initiatives, the Corrodus family hopes they can carry on the work of their late patriarch.

"As a family, we have used the foundation as the primary mechanism to remember him, but we will also giving service to community. Epworth, where he lived, and Great Pond are areas that we want to focus our attention by giving back valuable service," Gillian Corrodus said.

Yesterday, the foundation recognised two students from Steer Town Primary and Junior High School during their graduation ceremony.

The plan is to recognise students from the institution for at least the next 10 years.

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