One killed in Spur Tree crash

July 08, 2017
This vehicle was badly damaged in an accident with the trailer truck along the Spur Tree main Road in Manchester in July.

A section of the Spur Tree Road was blocked for over three hours yesterday following a fatal three vehicle collision.

According to police reports, at approximately 12:15 pm, a Suzuki swift motor car and a gas tanker was travelling towards Gutters off Spur Tree Road in Manchester.

THE STAR understands that Gladston Heron, 69, who was driving the motor car, was trying to overtake the trailer when he lost control. It is reported that the car veered left and was stuck under the back wheels of the trailer before it was crushed.

The other occupant of the car is being treated in hospital.

Sone 174 persons have been killed in one hundred and sixty-one fatal crashes since the start of the year. Fatal crashes and fatalities have decreased by five per cent and 12 per cent, respectively, when compared with similar period in 2016.

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