Fake vaginas selling like hot bread - Sex toys come in handy for loyal men

July 10, 2017
All the user needs to do is pour a lubricant inside the opening of the fake vagina and then pleasure himself.


Convinced that their men cannot be satisfied, some women are buying extra vaginas for their men in a bid to stop them from cheating.

The vaginas, however, are fake and come in the form of a flashlight with a pink opening that looks like a vagina. The cost varies from $4,500 to $10,500. All the user needs to do is pour a lubricant inside the opening of the product and then pleasure himself.

One carrier of the product says "it feels very real when the finger is submerged inside the opening."

Representatives of a the popular adult toy store, Aura Viibe, which is located in Portmore, St Catherine, said Fleshlights have been selling on a weekly basis at the store and it is mainly females who are purchasing the product.

"I don't know if it's the stigma the stigma surrounding Fleshlights, but its mainly the women that are purchasing the product," a sales representative told THE STAR.

Trudy, from Spanish Town, said she bought a Fleshlight for her man recently.

"Fake vagina me thing deh, no other woman to my property," she said while giggling. "It is OK if a man want to use a fake vagina to masturbate. The only time I would have a problem is if he enjoy the fake vagina more than mine," Trudy added.


Would be upset


However, Janet said she would be upset if her man uses a Fleshlight.

"I would be jealous, I would be upset and want to fight," Janet said. "Nothing don't wrong with mine so what the hell he's gonna get that for."

Laurene Ward who operates a sex shop, Forbidden Fruit, in the corporate area said she decided to put the artificial vagina on her shelves because of the high demand for the product.


Married professional


"It is a hot commodity. We initially didn't stock it until we received a request request for it. Ever since we've had a growing market for it. Repeat customers account for a greater share of the market. Market demo is mostly that of married professional men who either do a lot of traveling or whose wives are away for extended periods," Ward said.

A woman who identified herself as Sweet Candy said the Fleshlight could spice up things in her bedroom.

"I would love my man to get a Fleshlight. I would love to watch him use as it would be a turn on for me," she said.

Michelle said she would "rather my man use a masturbator instead of going with other females".

THE STAR asked a few males if they would buy the product.

"I would try it, but I would be shy to purchase it myself. I would prefer to send someone to get it for me," said Toney, who lives in Linstead.

Steve, who resides in Portmore, said he would purchase the product himself.

"Why should I be a shame to purchase the product, it's my life, I don't care about what people have to say, it's to pleasure me."

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