Cancer survivor set to get free prosthetic leg

July 14, 2017
Tajae Jones

When THE STAR last featured young Tajay Jones, who is battling with a rare stage four bone cancer, he had just undergone amputation of the leg in which the disease started.

Subsequently, he was left to hobble around on crutches which proved difficult for the 15-year-old, Murray Mount, St Ann native.

However, a team of doctors from the United States has reached out to the youngster and arranged for him to receive a free prosthetic leg by August.

Tajay’s mother, Dorothy Francis told THE WEEKEND STAR that the process is well underway as the doctors have already visited and taken his measurements.

“Thanks for the people who donate the money for Tajay to get his leg. They’re coming from abroad in August. The doctor them came out and they took the measurement and stuff like that so he will be able to get the leg in August,” Francis said.

Currently, Tajay is admitted at the Kingston Public Hospital where he is undergoing another round of chemotherapy, as the disease has spread to his lung.

Francis said he has not been responding well to the treatment so far, but she is hopeful this time will yield better results.

“Him say him body weak and tired. When him come from chemo him not eating, or drinking. Sometimes he has swelling all over his body. Sometimes he has aches and pains, and sometimes he coughs and a bit of blood comes out. Normally he used to walk around, but for over a month now, him stop and laying in bed in ache and pain,” Francis said.

After each round of chemotherapy, Francis said she is slapped with an expensive prescription, which sometimes runs up to $100,000.

She added that she also incurs many expenses for chartering vehicles for hospital visits, and financing his special diet.

However, through the help of good Samaritans, she is able to get by.

“When you put him in THE STAR, some people reach out to us and they help us. This is how we survive, and I thank God for them. I pray to God that their food basket will never empty. Sometimes I don’t have it but I don’t like to beg” Francis said.

The worried mother added that she is supposed to visit Tajay this week to get an update on his condition form the doctors, however she is currently unable to finance the journey from St Ann to Kingston.

Those wishing to assist may contact Dorothy Francis at 1 876 406-8042.

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