Dangerous dancing can kill - Dr Ford

July 14, 2017
Marvin the Beast puts the moves on this Japanese dancer.

Having observed footage of female dancers performing some dangerous stunts, including somersaulting on to the abdomen of their male counterparts, popular medical doctor Jephthah Ford is warning that there is a thin line between these seemingly fun engagements and a terrible death.

"If that man had a full bladder and you jump on his bladder, it's gonna burst," he said. "Organs such as your bladder are like a balloon, If it bursts, urine gets into his whole abdomen. He can end up with sepsis, and he can even die because of this infection. That's an extreme situation, but it can happen."

He said performers should desist from such acts.

Recently, several videos have been circulating online of female dancers jumping on to men lying on the ground, and then performing various acrobatic feats, such as vigorously bouncing on their abdomens while in a split position.

One such video is that of Dancing Rebel, one of Spice's dancers, who was performing at a show in Guyana earlier this month.



The footage shows her jumping on to a man's face while he was lying on the stage. She said this was accidental, as her intention was to jump on to the man's lap.

Nonetheless, she has been getting mixed criticism, some saying it was wild and dangerous.

"They are saying that, but when the males are tossing us around, putting buckets on our heads, taking our wigs off and doing other stuff that are dangerous, no one seems to be being a bully towards the situation," Rebel lamented.

However, she said she was mindful that some of her moves can be dangerous and vowed to be more cautious.

"And as dancers, we have to be careful at the end of the day to protect ourselves and patrons, so I don't want anyone to feel that I'm saying it's [dangerous dancing] OK," Rebel said.

Recently, soca artiste Destra Garcia was ordered to pay $16,577 Belizean (more than J$1 million) after a court found that she personally injured a man while gyrating on him at a concert in September 2015.

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