Distraught fire victim pleads for help

July 21, 2017
Wekell Sinclair (right) and her daughter have been unhappy since the fire.

Mount Oakley, Portland:

Left without a home and with no one to turn to for help, Wekell Sinclair, a mother of four children, is in distress, and could very well find herself living on the street by the end of the month.

Sinclair, whose two-bedroom house was gutted by fire at Mount Oakley in Portland recently, has been staying with a friend, who offered her a temporary place to stay following her painful ordeal.

But the kindness shown to her by a friend could be short-lived, as, according to Sinclair, she was told that the room she currently occupies belongs to another family member, living overseas, who is to return to the island at the end of July.

"It is rather frustrating," Sinclair said.

"I lost all my earthly belongings during the fire. All my clothes and those belonging to my four children, ages four, six, 10, and 12 years old, were destroyed. I also lost furniture and money. At the time of the blaze, no one was at home. However, having found out about it, my blood pressure soared and I was hospitalised for three days. I just simply cannot get back on my feet without help, and I am very worried about the children," she said.




Sinclair, who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR yesterday, said that she visited the office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Port Antonio, where she related her ordeal, but she was not given anything definitive as to whether or not any assistance would be extended to her.

"I am absolutely sure that the fire was not caused by negligence on our part, as we left the house rather early on the morning of the fire, and no flame was left idle. I am without a job and with no help from the children's father(s). I am worrying myself to death. I visited the Portland Municipal Corporation and they have pledged to see how best the Poor Relief Department can assist. But despite that assurance, I have not gotten a favourable response or a timeline," Sinclair said.

Anyone wishing to assist Wekell Sinclair, can contact her by telephone at 1-876-282-4987.

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