Portland police launch new initiative

July 21, 2017
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Oneil 'Merciless' Thompson supervising the seizure of illegal DVD's in Portland.

The Portland police have launched a campaign dubbed 'Portland Protect' aimed at keeping out criminal elements from the usually peaceful parish.

The initiative, which is the brain child of acting commanding officer in charge of the parish, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) O'Neil 'Merciless' Thompson, will also see the lawmen establishing a hotline, where community residents and business operators can call and report suspicious activities.

"It is imperative that we step up our campaign against criminals," said Thompson. "With the new crime legislation, which will see the police targeting varied hotspots islandwide. We believe that criminal elements will seek to find a safer and quiet place to resume their activities, and one such place could very well be this parish (Portland)."

Since Monday, the parish has recorded four murders, which is similar with the corresponding period when compared last year.

He vowed the policemen will not sit by and be reactive. According to Thompson, as a result of robust policing, the police have been reaping success following the arrest of individuals wanted in other parishes.

He noted that over the past two weeks, the police have seized more than 200 pounds of compressed marijuana and have detained several individuals, who are suspected to be involved in the infamous drugs-for-guns trade between local fishermen and their counterparts in Haiti.

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