Falmouth construction boom pleases mayor

August 08, 2017
The Trelawny Municipal Corporation Building under repair

Falmouth's mayor, Councillor Colin Gager, is expressing delight with the construction boom now taking place in the parish capital, saying it will bring prosperity to the town and aid its plans to open up new heritage tourism opportunities.

Speaking against the background of ongoing construction such as the 700-room Excellent Resort, Gager said Falmouth's immediate future is looking quite good.

"We have the new two-storey Tax Administration of Jamaica building which will soon be completed, and a developer is now building over 200 houses in Daniel Town. Additionally, a two- storey building is being constructed on Market Street, which will bring two of the island's fast-food chains to Falmouth," he said.

However, for Gager, what should be the jewel in Falmouth's crown is the ongoing development by Linkin Forret Cloud.


"(The company) will be constructing a 150,000-square-foot plaza on five acres of land bought from Port Authority of Jamaica," said Gager. "This will offer many opportunities for convenient shopping, In addition to shopping, there will be a 400-vehicle parking lot."

Like the mayor, first-time member of parliament for North Trelawny, Victor Wright, is quite pleased with the construction boom.

"I welcome the new investments in the constituency and look forward to the economic stimulus they will bring on completion, especially in the field of employment," said Wright. "Employed people have a certain amount of independence and any MP would be happy with having employment opportunities opening up for his or her constituents."

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