College plans put on hold for rape victim - Mother says 17-year-old daughter has done seven surgeries since traumatic ordeal

August 11, 2017

The 17-year-old girl, who was raped, buggered and left for dead by her attackers on July 28 in Bogue Hill, St James, was in the process of preparing to matriculate to university as she awaits the results of the 10 CSEC exams she sat in May and June, her mother, Pamela Brown*, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But after that gruesome ordeal which left her with a cracked skull, causing fragments of her brain tissue to be falling out, Brown worries that her only daughter won't be able to take up the opportunity she worked tirelessly to create for herself.

"The week after she was attacked, we were planning to get her TRN, NIS and those documents because she said that she wanted to enrol in the food programme at IUC (International University of Caribbean)," Brown said. "She loves cooking, even though she always says that she wants to become a criminal lawyer."




According to Brown, her daughter was recommended by her high school teachers to do 12 CSEC subjects, but because of financial constraints, she was only able to pay for 10.

"When she got recommended to do the subjects, I ask her if she can manage so much, and she say, 'Mommy I will try my best'," Brown recalled. "And because I know she is a fighter, I tried my best to pay for them. She fights for what she wants, and that is why she survived."

The 17-year-old girl had to undergo seven surgeries, and will have to do more, after being found by her older brother the morning after she was attacked, Brown said.

"She was practically dead when they found her," the distraught mother said. "All of her back is burnt. They light her with some kind of chemical. Her throat was cut. She was set ablaze, and she was stabbed in the left eye. I don't know what they going to do with that eye. Her skull was cracked, so she will have to do surgery."

Brown said her daughter is out of Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, and things are looking up.

"She is on the ward now on oxygen, but because of her condition, they say no visitors are allowed," Brown said.

Brown said teachers and her daughter's schoolmates all expressed shock at the incident.

"When they come to pray with me, the principal told me that they have a breakfast programme for the children on the PATH (Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education). She seh that she (daughter) would come in the morning and if the head cook was not there, she would say that I am going to start this until Auntie Annie comes in because the children have to eat before they go to class because if they don't eat they can't learn well," Brown said.

She said she prays these days that her daughter will be able to tell her who attacked her.

"I want the perpetrators to be brought to justice," Brown said.

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