Portland is no safe haven for criminals — police

September 19, 2017

With the zone of special operations appearing to be reaping fruits in Mount Salem, St James, commanding officer in charge of the Portland Division, Rex Swearing, is warning Portlanders to be on the lookout for criminal elements who might be seeking a place of refuge.

Swearing, who spoke at length about the need for residents to be vigilant, argued that it is now apparent that those being pursued by the police might be forced to flee in search of a safe haven, where they can relax and continue their criminal activities.

"We will be out in numbers to ensure that strangers are checked at our borders. However, the police also need residents to play their part in ensuring their own safety. I implore all residents to be their brother's keeper, and to report to us the movement of strangers or any suspicious activity. Five murders have been committed in the parish since the start of 2017, which is relatively low when compared to other parishes. But that is five too many. Under my watch, I want this parish to remain the safest, islandwide," Swearing said.

According to the commanding officer, of the five murders committed in the Portland Division since the start of 2017, three have been cleared up by the police, while the other two are still being investigated.

In the same breath, Swearing noted that the police are carefully monitoring the coastal areas, as they seek to derail the efforts of some local fishermen who are active players in the infamous drugs-for-guns trade between them and their counterparts in Haiti.

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