St Mary man 'over the moon' about unique hairstyle

September 21, 2017
Errol Crosby/Photographer Guscott says the style is a hit wherever he goes.
Errol Crosby/Photographer The interesting Conrad Guscott.
Errol Crosby/Photographer Conrad Guscott shows off his unique hairstyle.

If at first glance when you espy Conrad Guscott, you have to do a double take.

And that's okay because what you're seeing really isn't a figment of your imagination.

At first glance, it would appear that Guscott is wearing some sort of fancy headpiece. However, upon closer inspection, you will realise you're looking at his actual hair.

Guscott, who said he goes by the (less-than-glamorous) nickname 'John Crow', has trimmed his hair in a unique style.

It's common for men to get a 'line up', and to link their sideburns to their beards. However, Guscott's line up encapsulates everything from his forehead all the way down the sides of his face.

To make the design even more elaborate, he has a thin line of hair running down the centre of his head. 

At the top of his forehead, his hair looks like a 'T' junction that you see in drivers' manuals. To finish off the style, other than the 'line up network' of hair, he keeps his head clean shaved.

"You have dem young boy a gwaan and a talk bout mohawk (hairstyle) and all that. So mi say mi a come wid something different," he said.

He calls the hairstyle 'Over The Moon', because he said it's "out of this world". 

Guscott said he has been sporting the hairstyle for about a year now, and it's a head-turner everywhere he goes.

"Everybody pay attention to it. Mi all get lick dung one day and haffi go hospital. Before dem fix me up, dem a look pon mi hair," he laughed.

Everyone who sees him for the first time is surprised and the children especially have fun.

"Dem tell me say dem think a headphones mi have on," he said.

Guscott sells fried sprat and breadfruit along the main road in the Broadgate district of St Mary. He said he's been doing it for years, after learning from older folk.

"But you done know, mi have my secret seasoning whe me use," he said.

With many travellers journeying through the area, including tourists heading to Portland, he has picked up more than a few stares from passers-by.

He even claims people have taken pictures of it and posted it on social media.

And as such, he has no intention of changing his style anytime soon. 



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