Worker crushed to death by truck

September 23, 2017

A 45-year-old labourer was crushed to death on the site of the Excellence Resort in Cooper's Pen, Trelawny, yesterday in a mishap which involved a trailer loaded with building blocks.

The dead man has been identified as Andrew Garrick, of Golden Grove, in St Ann. His death has cast a pall of gloom over the construction.

According to deputy superintendent of police Carlos Russell, the incident occurred when Garrick fell from the moving truck, which he was trying to hop on to.


Lost his grip


"Garrick arrived for work this morning and at approximately 7:40, he tried to hop on between the head of a White International motor truck, which had a trailer loaded with building blocks adjoined to it," Garrick said. "He lost his grip and fell. The front wheels of the trailer ran over him, crushing him to death."

According to Russell, the driver reported that he felt a bump and looked in his rear view and saw a vest, where he had seen one before, so stopped the truck and went to investigate. It was then that he saw Garrick on the ground with his head crushed.

As news of Garrick's death spread across the construction site, the other workers abandoned their positions and rushed to the scene. Some reportedly broke down in tears on realising that their colleague was dead.

As a mark of respect to Garrick, the site was close down for the day and the workers sent home.

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