Community focus : Barrett Town's thirsts for water

September 26, 2017
Pipes have been placed at a section of the road in Barrett Town, an indication that work is about to begin to give the people regular water supply.
Residents of Barrett Town have to resort to filling containers because of the lack of a constant supply of water.
The main source of water for residents of Barrett Town.
Water trucks parked in a yard in Barrett Town on Tuesday.

Residents of Barrett Town have once again expressed concern about the serious on-and-off water issue that has been plaguing the community for years.

When the Western Star visited Barrett Town last Tuesday, the people were eager to voice their frustration over what they claimed was neglect by the relevant authorities, including their member of parliament, Edmund Bartlett.

"Normally, water will go away for like three days to a week, and we over here just have to suffer until it comes back," said Shardon Dunn.

The residents said neighbouring communities and hotels along the Rose Hall main road have a constant supply of the precious commodity, but despite the many cries for Barrett Town to be given equal treatment, the problem is yet to be rectified.

"If we nuh have tank, or full up drum and pan, then we dead fi thirst. Sometimes a rain we have to depend on, and it has been like this for a long time. We want regular water," said Dunn.

Her sentiments were echoed by Georgette Lewis, who said persons like herself who do not have the money to purchase from water trucks, or even to buy a tank to store the precious commodity, are most affected.

"They don't tell us that water is going away, and now it is happening more regularly," Lewis stated. "I don't have a tank or anything, and we have to do without and wait until it comes back. Most times is only a standpipe we get water from. The situation is very uncomfortable," she added.

"Right now, my tank empty a my yard and up to the bottle I drink out of I have to full up, so I feel miserable when no water no deh yah," said another resident.

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