Families seek help to bury cancer victims

October 03, 2017
Jermaine Barrett lost his battle with cancer.
Tajae Jones

The families of cancer victims Jermaine Barrett and Tajae Jones, who died just a day apart last week, are now pleading for assistance to cover the expenses related to the burial of their loved ones.

Jones of Murray Mount in St Ann, and Barrett of Mt Salem in St James, were in the public's eyes as they battled the disease, which claimed their lives on September 23 and 24, respectively.

Jones' mother, Dorothy Francis, told the WESTERN STAR that she racked up a massive bill as she sought to keep her 15-year- old son, who was a student at the Aabuthnott Gallimore High School, alive. She said that she does not have the money to bury him.

Jones was being treated for osteosarcoma, a rare cancer of the bone, which has been affecting him for the past three years.

"I need some help for burial because we don't have any money," said Francis. "Tajae situation was so bad that it cost me a lot and now that he has passed off, I don't have any money for burial."

Francis said she got monetary donations from individuals, groups and organisations as well as her son's school, to meet the medical expenses.

"His death has left me in a state of shock," said Francis, who regularly shed tears as the reality of her son's death continues to hit hard. "I want to thank those who help him in his time of need ... as for his funeral, I am not pressuring anyone because I know time is hard, so anything I get, I will give thanks for it."

With regard to Barrett, his mother Jean Carroll, expressed gratitude to those who assisted her son's medical journey and is now soliciting support to assist with his burial.

"To anyone who can give, the family would like some assistance with burial, and thank you very much," said Carroll.

Shena Carty, president of the Jamaican Madhouse charity group, said "it is very important to combine efforts to help bury these two young men.

"Both young men were like family, and we are hoping we will use all avenues to cover their funeral arrangements," she said.

Anyone wishing to assist Jones may call 876-406-8042.

In the case of Barrett, funds can be transferred to Carroll's Jamaican National Account number 2094324339 or call her at 508-9916. Additionally, support for both victims can be made by donation to Shenacarty@paypal.com.

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