Parker's shop is Woodlands chill spot

October 31, 2017
Shop owner Clinton 'Parker' Linton perusing a copy of the Western Star at his 'chill spot' last week.
Parker's Shop open and ready for movie screening.

While their community is not blessed with many of the amenities found in other places, for the residents of Woodlands district in Hanover, there is nothing to them like their chill spot, Parker's Shop.

The little establishment, which is owned by Clinton 'Parker' Linton, offers an impressive array of communal pastimes for residents. It is the place where residents regularly go to watch movies and share each other's company.

"Here is the little community hangout spot where I entertain the people with some movies," Linton told the Western Star, while showing off his television, cable box, and DVD set-ups, which are all prominently displayed.

"In the evenings and on weekends when I fry fish, everybody come, sit down, eat, and watch a movie."

For Linton and the community, his biggest contribution to Woodland is his annual back-to-school treat for the children, which helps to take some of the financial strain off the parents.

"From yuh doing something like dat in a community like this, de youth dem naturally cling to yu," said Linton. " I have been keeping it fe years - back when mi was first doing business at Great River and now since mi move up to Woodland."

Linton believes that Woodlands is a good community with a lot of potential. He would like to see more investment in job opportunities for the young people, although he noted that the required resources are lacking at this time.

"There are a lot of things mi woulda like fi do, but mi don't have di money fi do it. However, to how me see de world a run, yu have to wait and make nature tek its course instead of forcing it. Sometimes it might look a way, but when it work out, things nice," said Linton.

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