Man uses teeth to lift 94 pounds of cement

November 03, 2017
Jeffrey Fairley lifts a bag of cement using his teeth.
Jeffrey Fairley lifts a bag of cement using his teeth.
Jeffrey Fairley lifts a bag of cement using his teeth.

A St Thomas man believes that he should be inducted in the Guinness Book of World Records after he used his teeth to lift a bag of Carib cement weighing 94 pounds.

"Anybody you see come, a after me them do it," 42-year-old Jeffrey Fairley told THE WEEKEND STAR. "I think I should go in the record books."

Earlier this week, THE WEEKEND STAR put Fairley to the test to repeat the feat he claims he has done more than 10 times.

And without struggle, Fairley used his teeth to lift the 94 pounds of cement off the ground.

According to Fairley, he discovered his ability seven years ago when he was working as labourer at the Morant Bay courthouse when it was being refurbished.

"I was working at the courthouse right down a Morant Bay deh. Mi and one of mi brethren a work pon the site, and 100 bags of cement come in and we a mash it up (offloading the cements from a truck and taking them to the site)," Fairley said.

Trying to prove how strong they were, Fairley and his friend were carrying two and three bags of cement at a time, he recalled.

When two bags were left, trying to outdo his friend, Fairley threw one bag over his shoulder and used his teeth to carry the other.

"Gaza Bigs say, 'Jesus dawg, how you know say that you can lift up that with your teeth'," Fairley recounted.

He said the wonder he has performed caused people from across the parish to flock him.

"People come all the time and bet and say mi can't do it," he said. "And mi mek 20 grand off them head all the time."

Fairley said last weekend a popular businessman in St Thomas bet him $20,000 that he could not lift the bag of cement.

"Mi tell him to keep his money," Fairley said.

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