Hookers overrun MoBay

November 14, 2017


With skimpily dressed prostitutes now roaming the streets of Montego Bay, St James, with impunity at nights, the tourism capital could arguably be branded as an unofficial red light district. And the police are seemingly uninterested in cracking down on the illicit practice.

While downtown Montego Bay is heavily policed around the clock because of the crime wave sweeping the city, the prostitutes, some wearing next to nothing, literally take over places like Harbour Street, Stand Street, Coral Wall, and sections of the 'Hip Strip' with commanding presence.

"Prostitution is not new in Montego Bay, but I have never seen so many prostitutes at any one time," a businessman told the WESTERN STAR last week. "You have every kind of prostitute - old woman, young woman, man, even children. It is a damn disgrace!"




According to the businessman, he was driving in the vicinity of the Old Shoes Market recently with his wife when he got the shock of his life. He said that a half-naked girl approached his car, took one look at his wife, and then began propositioning him.

"Why yuh nuh go drop off de missis and come back mek me give yu some good sex. It nah go cost yuh much," he said the prositiute said. "Yuh look like yuh would do well with one a de wicked slam dem," the man reported the prostitute as saying.

Last January, Senior Superintendent of Police Steve McGregor, the former commanding officer for St James, carried out a massive raid in downtown Montego Bay and arrested 76 sex prostitutes 43 females and 33 males. At the time, he declared that the police would be taking a zero- tolerance approach to the illicit night life. However, within a few weeks, it was back to business as the prostitutes reclaimed the streets.

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