Ky-mani splashes cash in Falmouth - Gives facelift to Elleston Wakeland Centre

November 14, 2017
Kimani juggles a football at Elleston Wakeland Centre in Trelawny, yesterday.
Cassman 'Jazbo' (left) and Winston 'Bear' Clarke (right) pose with the newly created Falmouth United football club at the Elletson Wakeland Cantre in Trelawny.
Through the efforts of Kymani Marley, the Elletson Wakeland Centre has undergone major transformation.

Ky-Mani Marley was born in Falmouth, Trelawny, with musical and sporting genes. The son of musical giant Bob Marley and Anita Belnavis of Caribbean table tennis fame could be seen at Elleston Wakeland Centre playing football before migrating to Miami with his mother.

“It seemed natural that I would be involved in music. This I did, and am doing, with a good deal of success,,” Ky-Mani told the WESTERN STAR yesterday.

According to the dreadlocked Ky-Mani, on his visits to Falmouth, he would bemoan the state of the centre and decided to do something about it.

“I got in touch with Cassman ‘Jazbo’ Williams, and he encouraged me to take on the centre as a project. I got the blessing of the Municipal Corporation, and I set out to work on bringing back glory to Elleston Wakeland,” Ky-Mani said.


The work at the centre includes establishing a perimeter fence, resurfacing the playing field and adding top soil, planting grass, and refurbishing the centre.

“This is a technological age, and I intend to put in a computer lab, where children can come and do their school work after school and then play some table tennis. I am an entrepreneur and investor, and I intend to invest in Falmouth, the town of my birth,” said Ky-Mani, who is working on his next album and a TV Series named Top Shottas.

Jazbo, who is involved with the football side, revealed that a new club, Falmouth United, has been formed.

“This has come at an opportune time when quality football in the parish was low. The club is for all players with the requisite skills and discipline to join from anywhere in Jamaica. Ky-Mani does not want to disclose how much money he is investing, but I know it is a sizeable sun. It has provided employment for a number of persons. As he said, it is a part of his calling. It has turned on lights in homes and put food on tables.”
Winston Clarke, popularly called Bear, welcomed the overall improvements to the centre.

“I have been involved in football in Falmouth for over 40 years, and it is the first time I have seen the centre and the field looking so good,” Clarke said.

Ky-Mani said that he would be visiting Falmouth very frequently and would be looking around for ways to improve the opportunities to help boys and girls in and around the town. 




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