Beauty on the Waterfront - Downtown Kingston gets massive facelift

December 08, 2017
The renovation of the Victoria Pier in downtown Kingston is brightening things on the waterfront.

Imagine downtown Kingston with a boardwalk at the side of the Kingston Harbour. Andrew Azar, one of the partner's involved in the restoration of the Victoria Pier, said that that now sleepy area of Kingston is about to be transformed into a vibrant commercial space.

"There are plans to create a park similar to a skateboard park, with various areas providing activities for children to enjoy, especially with the idea to include an ice-cream shop within the premises of Victoria Pier," Azar said.

The once-abandoned Victoria Pier is now undergoing a major transformation. There are plans to establish at least two eateries at the facility, and Azar said that the place may be used by persons who are unable to have extravagant weddings.

"We have to decide, as investors, to have pride in The Waterfront because it is one of the few natural harbours in the world, and in other countries, areas like these are usually at the vanguard of a city's attractions," Azar said.

With the final touches being put to the iconic spot, persons in downtown Kingston are excited about the new light. It is expected to bring to the city. However, some are concerned that the changes could affect their livelihood.

"Downtown a guh better, yes. We like see improvement of the place, but we also want to know dat dem not just going fix it up and forget about us or try get rid of us," said one street-side vendor.

Azar, has, however, given the assurance that vendors in the area should have no fear.

"We are all about the growth and improvement of the area, which includes the people. The project has employed persons from the area who were jobless and even those without a place to live," he said.

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