THE CHRISTMAS I WILL NEVER FORGET: Audrey Reid looked forward to when barrel come

December 09, 2017
Actress Audrey Reid
Audrey Reid

It normally takes less than a minute for actress Audrey Reid to have you in stitches, and it was no different yesterday as the actress shared some of her best Christmas memories with The STAR.

Reid said the Yuletide season in Franklin Town, Kingston, was like no other during her childhood days.

"I used to look forward to the barrel dem whe a come from farrin. Our relatives used to come down, and dem time deh, as pickney, me show-off. My regular friends dem were for afta-Christmas because me a par with the farinas now, and me farin accent buck," she said, between episodes of laughter.

The Dancehall Queen star said that although she and her family would get Christmas goodies from their relatives overseas, Christmas shopping was important to her mother.

"My mother would do our shopping from early November. She would take us to fit our clothes, and our gifts would be wrapped and tucked away for Christmas morning. Even if we na go nuh weh, we would dress up. We would still go to Christmas market before day ... . It was so much fun," she said.

Reid's recollection also includes mouth-watering slices of ham, cakes and flavourful sorrel mixes.

"The decorations were out of this world. Even the breeze was different. It wasn't like now. We could feel the Christmas spirit back then. I remember always buying the 'chance' balloons. Bwoy, me always hope fi pick the big one, but me never lucky yet. Me always get the likkle fine one whe hurt me jaw corner when me blow it," she said.

As an adult, the actress stated that she still follows through with her family Christmas traditions. Although she will be working this season, Reid said she will still take the time out to celebrate the season of giving with her family.

"I will be on the Frenenmy tour in Jamaica, but Christmas Eve will catch me a season up mi meat dem and a bake because we usually break for Christmas Day, "she said.

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