Community Focus: Darliston residents want roads and water

December 12, 2017
Darliston Square in eastern Westmoreland.
Luther Buchanan

Residents of Darliston, in the hills of eastern Westmoreland, are unhappy as according to them, there are too many potholes on their roads, not enough water in their pipes, and not enough employment opportunities for the young people.

Kim Grant, who works in a small complex near the community square, complained that water is not available over long periods at a time.

"Sometimes for days, or even months, we don't have any water, and the National Water Commission knows it," said Grant. "Also, there isn't much employment, and a lot of the youths are unemployed because there are no resources. Most of the young people leave school and have nothing to do."

Sandra Williams, who lives in the neighbouring Enfield but has to travel through Darliston regularly, said that bad roads and lack of water are serious concerns for residents in both communities.

"There is no water in Enfield. We have no running water there," said Williams. "The road has a lot of potholes from here in Darliston straight to Enfield. It is a very rocky road. The member of Parliament (Luther Buchanan) should know about it because he drives past here, but there is nothing being done."




The state of the roads in and around Darliston is most evident along a stretch of road near the tax office on the community's outskirts. It is riddled with huge crater-like potholes, which is proving to be a nightmare for motorists.

Other areas of concern for the residents include the location of the community's post office, which was reopened last December after a three-month closure but which is currently situated down a flight of stairs away from the main road.

The residents also lament the lack of banking facilities, which results in persons having to go as far away as Savanna-la-Mar to access such services.

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