Police save murder accused from mob

December 12, 2017

A Portland man who is suspected to have killed a man early yesterday was rescued by the police from an angry mob, but not before he was badly beaten.

The man reportedly fled the crime scene after allegedly bashing in the head of Kedron 'Tettay' Marshall with a stone.

Marshall's body was later found in a barrel along Harris Crescent.

Hours after, news emerged that the murder suspect was spotted in a 40-foot container along Allan Avenue in Port Antonio.

He was attacked by an angry mob and the police intervened.

When the lawmen started to open the door of the container, the man reportedly attacked them with a piece of iron.

He was then shot in the left leg.

The angry mob then launched an all-out attack using sticks, stones, and other implements to beat him.

However the police stood firm, shielded the man from a number of blows, and hurriedly took him on to the compound of a nearby funeral home.

Reinforcements were called in and the man was eventually removed from the scene and taken to hospital.

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