The Christmas I Will Never Forget - Family portrait sums up Saudicka's festive memories

December 25, 2017
Saudicka Diaram
Saudicka Diaram plays with son, Princeton Jacob Miller.

A framed family portrait that was taken when she was just a little girl serves as quite the reminder of the beautiful Christmas tradition that Saudicka Diaram was accustomed to as a child.

"My mom always had us dress up in our Sunday best. That Sunday, we all looked well shampooed and nice for the family portrait. The picture we took that Christmas was one of my best memories of that day, actually," Diaram said.

She continued: "We were a very close family, so we did the usual dinner. I mostly went to church during that season while my older siblings would go out."

According to Diaram, Christmas changes as one grows, because life changes and people do different things.

"Some persons might think that it has become commercialised, but we live in a profit- and wage-driven society, so any opportunity to make a dollar will be capitalised on. I do, however, believe that the core reason of spending time with family is still being maintained my most persons," she said.

Being together with family, especially at this time of the year, keeps the TV host's memories joyful, although as an adult, most Christmases have caught her working. In the past, she has done shows with topics centred on Christmas, but has no plans to have an episode this season.




Last year during a break from television, she spent Christmas with her son, Princeton Jacob Miller, in the United States also a first-time mom experience.

"Today I try to celebrate with family whenever I am not working, but I also look forward to getting rest. In 2016, my son and I went to the mall, took pictures with Santa and then we had a little fun in the snow," she told THE STAR.

"This season, I want to enjoy at least one good party (mommy's night out), but I certainly will be cooking and have a Christmas dinner. But first on the list is a family portrait. I like those, and it will be my tradition. Just like how I am able to look at the picture of my family now, I want my son to also have that."

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