Respect your vaginas ... dancer, doctor warn performers

December 29, 2017
Rebel performing one of her acrobatic moves.
Dr Michael Abrahams

Struck by the pain that ripples throughout her vaginal area whenever she performs one of the latest dance moves, promotional dancer Rebel is advising females against dropping their private areas 'pon di concrete'.

"I used to dance to the song and follow the instructions in detail, but I shy away from doing it, and eventually stopped as in some cases, the dance can be painful. I wouldn't advise it at all as there are other means of dancing and gyrating that can be just as entertaining," Rebel said.

Pon Di Concrete is a song by Star Khaliba that instructs female dancers to drop their private parts on to the aforementioned surface.

This follows other trends in dancehall, which include females beating their vaginal area with concrete blocks.

Gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr Michael Abrahams renewed his warning against the practice of subjecting the vagina to unnecessary trauma.

"Respect your vagina ladies, and don't hurt it like that. The vagina can become infected from lacerations and abrasions when the vagina hits the hard surface. In addition, there are numerous and harmful bacteria on these dirty surfaces," he said.




He also said that persons could receive more serious injuries, including a broken pubic bone.

"These are very harmful trends. Just take my advice and cut it out," he said.

Rebel, of the Rebel Gurlz team, said that she was not picking on that track alone because there were other songs that were "suicidal".

"I would not recommend some of these moves for the average dancer. Banging the vagina area on the floor isn't hygienic either. It is not clean as there are millions of bacteria on the floor or dirt that certain parts of our body should not get in contact with," she said. "Yes, I will split, go on my head top, and all, but I am not banging my body on the ground."

She said that female dancers are very creative and are always looking for new moves. However, she admits that "some of what we do is dangerous, and there should be a limit to how far we will go".

But Pretty Pretty, another dancer, said she loves Pon Di Concrete and has no difficulty following the instructions.

"Overall, female dancers dance and split as it gives us a vibes. Pon Di Concrete is one of my favourite tracks to dance to. It is not dangerous because it consists mostly of splitting and other acrobatic moves and mainly beating the ground," Pretty said.

She added: "I have techniques, so I won't hurt myself. My health always comes first, so, of course, I am careful with what I do."

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