'Puss Eye' building community spirit with Miss Blenheim

January 02, 2018

In terms of sheer popularity, Courtney 'Puss Eye' Morris is perhaps the most well-known personality in Blenheim, Hanover.

Over the past four years, he has been the driving force behind the annual Miss Blenheim pageant, which is a stellar community attraction.

Although he hails from the neighbouring district of Dias, where he works as a chef and restaurant operator, Morris started the pageant in 2014 as a means of community upliftment for Blenheim and surrounding districts.

Unfortunately, a recent upsurge in violence prevented last year's staging of the event.

'The pageant was just something that I came up with, and I just decided to do a thing for the community," said Morris. "We never got to do anything last year because we never got the permit due to violence in the area, so I didn't force it; I just eased off from it til things cooled down."




Since 2011, Morris has worked alongside fellow promoter and community resident Marlon 'Title' Watson to arrange and promote several pageants, including Miss Blenheim, which is held every November.

The events is eagerly anticipated by the young women in the community, who see it as an opportunity for exposure as well as for winning prizes.

The pageant is open to girls between the ages of 13 and 15, who compete for the coveted title of Miss Blenheim, cash prizes, gift baskets and other rewards, which is funded primarily through community donations.

While the contest is called the Miss Blenheim pageant, residents from the neighbouring communities of Dias, Blair Castle, Middlesex and other neighbouring districts regularly participate in the festivities.

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