This nuh normal - man finds 10-seed ackee pod

January 04, 2018
Lindey Baugh shows off the 10-pod ackee he found in his tree.
Lindey Baugh said these are the most pods he's ever seen on one ackee.
Lindey Baugh said he thinks the 10-pod ackee is a sign.

When Lindey Baugh, 33, climbed an ackee tree in his yard in Kingston to pick some of the fruit to make breakfast, he got a major surprise.

"Mi did a go cook some ackee and saltfish, with dumpling and banana," Baugh told THE STAR. But a few minutes after 8 a.m. on New Year's Day, he found that one ackee pod had 10 seeds.

So instead of cooking it, he saved it to ensure that it was highlighted in the media, because he believes that it is a sign, not only for him, but Jamaica.

He admits, however, that he could not say what it was.

"Me deh deh and mi say mi nah use it enuh cause it affi guh inna THE STAR. Suh this morning mi search out the directory fi THESTAR number," he said.

Baugh, who is originally from Portland, said that it was the most seeds he had seen.

"The most mi eva see is five and six. Is a tree weh mi have inna mi yard and dem a tell me fi chop it dung all the while. Mi tell mi self say mi nah chop it dung and this morning (yesterday) it show me this sign," he said.

With the unusual discovery, he said he is even more adamant that the tree will remain.

"Me nah kill it none at all 'cause a it me eat offa. Mi eat offa it, yesterday morning and this morning," he told THE STAR. "As bad as things be, me pick 10 dozen offa it dis morning, and more still deh pon it yah now. So mi a go back go pick them off. Is a likkle tree, but it bear wul heap."

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