No sex, no work - Female security guard says she is being harassed by supervisors

January 16, 2018

A security guard attached to a Kingston-based company says she and some of her colleagues are being sabotaged for refusing to have sex with their superiors.

Nicole Reid*, 35, who has been working at the security firm for seven years, said that if female security guards refuse to have sex with supervisors and ground managers, they run the risk of not getting any work or being fired.

"If you are not sleeping with them, they use the work and spite you. Dem nuh waah give yuh nuh duty, and if yuh talk too hard yuh get fired," she told THE STAR.

She said that even while they are on duty, these personnel would turn up and demand sex from them.

"Dem come and waan have sex with yuh pon di location, and when yuh don't grant dem that favour, dem write up report against yuh and tell lie say dem come ketch yuh a sleep pon di job," Reid said.




And if the victim reports the matter to the hierarchy, she said that nothing is done, unlike when her superiors lodge a complaint.

"I make a report to management, but it nuh go nuh weh cause management a part a di same thing," Reid told THE STAR.

"Dem mek yuh get suspended and yuh deh a yuh yard fi a three months or seven months, and in order for you to get back a location, yuh haffi sleep with one a dem manager," she added.

According to Reid, the abuse female security guards face does not only come from co-workers but also companies that hire the security firms.

"Sometimes you are working on a location, the client dem abuse yuh. Sometimes we di security dem haffi a sleep wid all the client just in order fi hold di contract because if yuh try fi hold di contract, then di company will let us go," she said.

With no one to speak on their behalf or stand up for her and her colleagues, she feels the supervisors and clients can do whatever they want with them.

"Nobody cares about us security. And how the company look at things... Anything to please di client," Reid said.

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