40-y-o searches for relatives - Woman raised by obeah man seeking to find family members

January 19, 2018
Ethel Brown

A Kingston woman, who claims that her mother left her with an obeah man and his wife when she was a baby, is trying to connect with her blood relatives.

Ethel Brown, 40, who lives at Slipe Road in Kingston, said it is important for her to find her long-lost family members, especially because her two children have been asking about their relatives.

"Mi waan meet dem because mi have mi daughter and a son, and dem always a say dem wish dem know dem grandmother and grandfather or some relatives weh dem can say, 'a mi aunty dat, or a mi uncle dat'," Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Brown said that she grew up in Mahoney, Lawrence Tavern, St Andrew. She said that she was told that her parents travelled from Hanover to Mahoney to visit an obeah man in the community.

"She tell mi say my father, Jimmy Wilson, bring my mother, Marcia Anderson, deh to har boyfriend, who was a reader man, fi check out wah inna har belly because dem did think is a duppy deh pon har," she said.

"Di science man tell har say is a baby inna har belly, suh she must come back nine months time. Suh when she come back, she come back with me wrap up fi show say is baby fi true," she continued.

Instead of returning to Hanover, Brown said her parents rented a one-room house in the community.

However, shortly after her birth, her parents separated.

"Mi father did cut off di relationship because she say mi father did waan have sex with mi mother when she just have baby and she say no, suh him kick har out a di one room weh dem did rent, suh mi mother come dung a di yard come stay with dem," Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR.




Her mother then went to live with the obeah man and his girlfriend until she was one year old. Brown said that she was told that her mother left the house one day, saying she was going to look for a job. She did not return home.

"Mi woulda like fi meet dem if dem still alive," Brown said of her parents.

She said that she tried to find them back in 2003, via the media, but was unsuccessful.

"About five man call mi and a tell mi say dem know di Marcia Anderson, and dem say mi must come dung a town. When mi guh, dem say dem a go tell mi di address, but dem say a relationship dem a look," she said. "Dem a tell me say dem see mi picture and a say mi look nice, but mi tell dem say a nuh relationship mi a look."

Brown said a woman named Dawn also contacted her.

"Mi give har mi address and she come a mi yard and mi cook fi har, and she eat and she tell mi say she did lose one child inna di same year when me born, suh she think mi a har child weh dem thief," Brown told THE WEEKEND STAR. "She say fi har child have a birth mark pon har foot resembling a map, but is a flag mi have pon mi foot," she said.

If you can help Ethel Brown find her relatives, contact her at 1-876-840-6996.

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