Reunion Committee helping to develop Jericho

January 23, 2018
Jericho Square in Hanover.

The Jericho Reunion Committee exemplifies how the act of charity can inspire and contribute to the common good of a community and its people.

The committee has sought to improve the educational, social and economic standing of the community of Jericho in Hanover by helping those who are less fortunate.

Reneth Brown-Morris, a member of the committee's executive, told the WESTERN STAR that the body was formed over 12 years ago.

"Proceeds raised from our fundraisers have helped the community, the churches and schools, as well as individuals who are in dire need. We give scholarships, and in recent years, sent off about four persons to Northern Caribbean University (NCU), overseas and to other schools," Brown-Morris said.

She said the local chapter is made up of 35 persons, but, when combined with those living abroad, the committee numbers close to 100.

Reunions are usually held to raise funds.

"We sometimes keep it here in Jericho or in Florida. We will be having the next one this summer, on the last Friday in July to the Monday, right here in Jericho because this committee is important to the community. The last time, the whole community came out and supported, so whatever they ask us for, they get it," Brown-Morris stated.

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