Bikers, schoolchildren disturbing quiet Darliston

January 30, 2018
A motorcyclist 'press gas' while driving through a section of the Darliston town square.
The Darliston Police Station.

Despite the fact that the Darliston Police Station is close to the community square, residents in that general area are still being plagued by loud music at night, motorists driving at high speed along the roadway, and young people loitering on the streets after school.

Exbourne Smith, a senior citizen who has lived in the Westmoreland community for several years, said that he cannot relax at home due to the music volume.

"People play their music late at night and you cannot hear anything. When we used to play music in my house, you couldn't stay out on the street and hear it," said Smith. "If they weren't playing music every day, I would be able to watch the news and read the newspaper."

Smith also complained about the motorists who drive dangerously through the community.

"The motorists speed right through here, and yet the police station is right there. A guy broke my car mirror while speeding through, and this was recently," said Smith.

Chenea Lee, a teacher who lives in the district, said the police must tackle the issue of young people loitering in the town after school.

"We need the police to be assigned to the schools to ensure that the youth go home from school. These youth are coming out to 'impress' and to suppress others," said Lee.

Corporal Karl White of the Darliston Police Station acknowledged the legitimacy of the residents' complaints.

"I know the motorbikes are a sore issue, because the bikers remove the mufflers, and if you as the police stop them, they won't stop," said White. "Regarding the students, we have a close relationship with the schools and we try to ensure that we talk to them about discipline."

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