More wood the fire

February 02, 2018
Richard McDowell of Mount Rousser, St Catherine, has been providing wood that fuel fires at the Faith Pen's rest stop. Here he carries a load of pimento wood in his trolley.

While on his way from his farm in Mount Rosser, St Catherine, Richard McDowell, 55, decided to gather some pieces of wood.

Among the pile that he pushes on his trolley are white pimento and jolly minta. He is hoping to sell it to vendors at Faith's Pen for at least $500.

"Dem use dem fi cook pot. Mi work mi grung up inna di hill and mi just pick dem up when mi up a di mountain," he told THE STAR.

McDowell says he is one of the men who have been cutting wood and selling it back to the vendors for years.

"True mi deh pon mi farm and mi want likkle sugar money fi buy likkle coal fi guh cook,"

And while others complain about sluggish sales since the Caymanas to Mammee Bay was opened, he arged that other factors help drive vendors away from the Faith's Pen rest stop.

"Cooking still a gwaan but a nuh wul heap a stall a run. No like one time. Dem say a di toll mash up round but a nuh di toll. A extortion run weh di people dem," he said.

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