Woman living in hospital

February 09, 2018
Sharon Grant McKenzie

A woman who has been languishing in the Lionel Town Hospital for more than two years is crying out for assistance from the public to help her leave the facility.

Sharon Grant McKenzie, 51, says she has been abandoned at the hospital by family members. The mother of three, who once lived in Summerfield, Clarendon, was taken to the hospital in 2016, due to complications of diabetes. Her left leg was amputated, and she said no one has come to collect her.

Grant McKenzie, whose husband died in 2015, says her children have not rallied to help her.

"Dem a 25, 31 and 32. One living in Hanover, one live in St Catherine, and the other live in Kingston. Only one of them pay mi mind," she said.

"I feel bad because a lot of people came here and they leave me in here. It so bad that I can't even explain it to you," she continued.

Raymond, the son who lives in Kingston, says he is not in a position to take his mother out of the hospital.




"Mi nuh really have nuh weh fi she stay and tek care a her. Me just rent a little one room and a work and a tek care of myself," he said. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he works six days per week and tries to make time on Sundays and public holidays to visit her at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Grant McKenzie said that she has been able to survive by eating hospital food and the kindness of individuals who visit their relatives.

"The hospital provide me with some food but in the nights, I have to buy like crackers and those stuff if I have money. Di people dem dat come visit dem people, dem give me a likkle change to buy biscuits and so," she said.

Grant McKenzie moves around with the aid of a wheelchair, which she said was given to her by a friend. However, now she badly wants to leave the facility and is seeking somewhere to live as well as a prosthetic leg.

"I would like a house to live in and if somebody can donate a foot to me that would be good because I could go around and wash people clothes and do other likkle stuff like that," she said.

Anyone who wants to assist Sharon Grant McKenzie can contact her at


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