All visits to GP suspended

February 20, 2018
Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, popularly known as GP.

All visits are suspended at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, popularly known as 'GP', in Kingston until further notice.

According to Superintendent Ivan Randall, this decision was impacted by the two large holes discovered by prison authorities on the weekend, who believes they were being dug by prisoners planning an escape.

Yesterday, as visitors were greeted with the news, some of them pleaded with the prison workers to pass along food and hygiene products to their loved ones but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

"It is really messed up. There are over 1,500 inmates there and it's unfair to cut off all of those who had nothing to do with the holes that they discovered," Jennifer Smith* said.

Smith, whose spouse is serving a 10-year sentence for robbery, said she was extremely disappointed when her visit was not allowed.

She stated that seeing her partner for even a few minutes each week was what kept their relationship going.

"When you have someone behind bars, a spouse especially, you depend on these visits to see them physically. Although you can't touch them, just seeing them waving at you or blowing you a kiss is enough to remind you that they are supporting you. It's motivation," she said.

Smith told THE STAR that she is hoping that the suspension would be lifted very soon as the visitors are also concerned about their loved ones behind bars.

"Not every inmate is a hardcore heartless killer. Some just made a mistake in the heat of the moment, while some are just misguided. But they are humans too," she said.

*Name changed

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