St James to experience supernatural power

February 20, 2018
Reverend Mary Wildish

St James to experience supernatural power

The Christian community and residents of Montego Bay,

St James, will have an opportunity to participate in a religious endeavour against crime in the parish, with the inaugural staging of the Supernatural Encounter Jamaica 2018 mega crusade in April.

The upcoming event, which recently had its official media launch at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, will be held on April 20 and 21. It is being staged by the Trumpet Call Ministries International, the

St James Ministers' Fraternal, and the Miami-based King Jesus Ministries.

The Reverend Mary Wildish, president of Trumpet Call Ministries, said that there is an urgent need for spiritual reformation in Montego Bay and the wider St James, especially with the social ills affecting the parish.

"We know the condition of our nation and of our city, and right now all eyes are on St James. We know we are under a state of emergency, but the Bible says that where there is darkness, there is the greatest light, and I believe God is preparing the ground of this city to experience reformation and which we have been crying out for," Wildish said.

"Any generation that does not experience a manifestation of the supernatural begins to revert, and so many of our young people are going to the obeah man, going into witchcraft and occultism to seek direction in their lives, yet we know the Church is an entity that carries the true power of God," Wildish added.

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