Massive blaze leaves 30 homeless

March 06, 2018
Firefighters had their hands full with the fire that left many persons homeless.
Occupants of the property tried to salvage as much as they could.
After fighting the massive blaze, this fireman had no choice but to take a break.
The fire truck was quick on the scene to control the fire.

Several persons returned from work and school yesterday afternoon to see their homes at 3A Shortwood Avenue, St Andrew, destroyed by a fire of unknown origin, which gutted a greater section of the tenement yard.

Roughly 30 persons, including children, were displaced after seven houses and a workshop were destroyed.

When our news team arrived at the scene, fire personnel from the Stony Hill, York Park, and Rollington Town fire stations were busy attending to the fire.

They were being assisted by the National Water Commission (NWC), which provided water trucks.

Linda Brown, one of the tenants who lost some of her belongings, said the fire took her by surprise.

"Is over 40 years I live here. I don't know what happen. I just hear seh the place caught fire. All a we live good, we live as one in here. I saved some things," she said.




Several affected persons were still at work at the time of the fire and the cooling-down exercise that followed.

"Mi sorry fi dem. A lot of people's lives mess up now," one bystander said. "Some of the house dem, all six people live in there. Look how much furniture spread out inna the yard. Some save some things, and some nuh save nothing."

Even a firefighter, who was on the scene, appeared to have been shaken by the impact of fire.

"A just one of dem days there still. All the while a poor people feel it. I've never gone to Cherry Gardens or any of those places to put out fire. Always poor people a feel it," he said.

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